YAPC::Europe 2010 Pisa, Italy – Day Three

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7 Aug 2010

Last day of YAPC::Europe 2010.

Went to see Tomas Doran’s talk on Large Platform Architecture interesting talk. Tomas mentioned quite a few tech I am already familiar with, which would mean that my large scale experiences are thoughts are not totally in the woods. He did however mention ESI, which I have never hears of before. This sounds incredibly interesting, please note that the Wikipedia article might not give enough justice to the topic, but it is a start.

I sad down an implemented a workaround in Workflow for my issues with newer perls. Feeling a bit dirty, by not digging deeper into the issue. But it seems it is fixed in blead perl. So I decided only to address the issue of the plethora of failing tests in newer perls giving Workflow bad statistics (http://matrix.cpantesters.org/?dist=Workflow+1.33). And this morning it seems to pay off: (http://matrix.cpantesters.org/?dist=Workflow+1.34), which makes me happy.

Went and saw Aaron Cranes talk on utilizing multicore processors: Perl on Speed: Multicore Programming for Mortals, yet another very interesting talk.

At last I saw Dave Cross’s talk on the Perl community, I might not have been the right target audience, but I did learn something new. Apparently the #perl channel on irc.perl.org has become a worthwhile place to ask questions again, without getting your head bitten of.

After this I attended Matt S. Trout’s keynote: State of the Velociraptor, which also mentioned the IRC improvement and a lot of other things, very entertaining and very positive – in general the Perl community seems to have become very much aware of it’s surroundings and marketing has become a keyword and something which is taken very seriously, without interfering without interfering or becoming an obstacle for other regular activities.

After the talk there was the usual lightning-talks, which of course is fantastic and always good entertainment, followed by White Camel awards and the organizers singing a part from the Rocky Horror Picture show. What can I say, tears was running from my eyes – it was a perfect ending for a very, very good conference. The following auction was very well organized and never got out of hand and was great entertainment: but all I got was the lousy assignment on writing about t-shirts for the ‘Perl Vogue;-)

Overall an absolutely marvelous experience after a two year hiatus, missing YAPC::Europe in Lisbon and Vienna.

Thanks to the organizers,


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