Initial Release of Task-Jenkins Uploaded to CPAN

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27 Dec 2011

First release of Task::Jenkins have been uploaded to PAUSE and it should be available via your local CPAN mirror by the time of publication of this post or shortly hereafter.

Task::Jenkins is a collection of distributions for continuous integration using Jenkins it installs a collection of distributions which have been identified as useful in utilizing Jenkins for continuous integration of Perl distributions, applications and code.

The key concept in the use of Jenkins for Perl is enabling the existing tool chain with minor adjustments.

The basic requirements are that you are using some sort of build system, basically you just need some way to initiate an execution of you test suite from a command line. The test suite is then expected to output to the console so the output from the test run can be inspected and the return value of the test run can be used to indicate whether the test run was a success or failure.

Using standard tool chain components like Test::Harness works out of the box.

For a tutorial on how to get started please see the wiki page on Continuous Integration with Perl.

The distribution is a Task based distribution, so it does not contain any code as such, but simply bundles existing distributions for easy handling. Currently Task::Jenkins contain:

- App::Prove

- Devel::Cover

- TAP::Formatter::JUnit

Suggestions, feedback, patches etc. most welcome,


PS. this post was cross-posted from the project blog on Task::Jenkins

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Bruno P. Kinoshita

January 2nd, 2012 at 08:04


Some time ago I created a tap plug-in, with help of other Jenkins users. I’m still learning Perl, but am using this plug-in with Java projects (usually using TestNG+tap4j), and heard from people using with Perl Test::Harness.

The idea of the plug-in was to show the JUnit graph, plus adding additional information found in the TAP Stream (directives, comments, description of the not ok, or ok, and so it goes).

Cheers, -B

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