German Perl Workshop 2013 – a brief follow-up

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12 Jun 2013

Just recently all the videos from this years German Perl Workshop was released. It was with some anxiety I watched the video of my own presentation of ActiveStates Stackato solution.

I must admit I do not enjoy listening to myself or watching myself. But nevertheless the experience was not as unpleasant as I feared and it was actually quite educational. Yes I have heard that before before, but never really mustered the guts to pull it through.

The videos from the #gpw2013 was however made available to all of the speakers prior to going completely public, so I thought I might as well sit through it because it would be going public anyway.

I learned a lot from the video and I have identified plenty of places where I need to improve.

My personal issues set aside, the bulk of videos contains some good presentations and some of the talks I would love to see again, so it is really nice that the organizers make these videos publicly available. I spent some time crowdsourcing the lanyrd page, so all of the videos are linked…



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