Summer releases: Workflow 1.36 and Business::DK::Postalcode 0.04

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2 Jul 2013

I normally find the time to catch up on some of my open source projects over the summer.

My summer holiday have only just started and I have nothing planned for coding, not that I lack projects, but I would much rather do some blogging.

Anyway, I managed to get two releases done.

Just before I left for holiday Oliver Welter punked me with an issue in Workflow, I had forgotten about. So Workflow 1.36 has been released to CPAN.

My monitor of PostDanmark notified me with a change to the danish postal codes, so a new release of Business::DK::Postalcode (0.04) has also been released to CPAN.

I hope to be able to do some more coding over the summer, since I have both the projects and the bugs to address, but I had sort of planned to do more blogging, researching and reading.

Have a nice summer – I know I will,

jonasbn, Silkeborg

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July 3rd, 2013 at 02:38

CPAN testers reported failing tests for Business::DK::Postalcode 0.04. I do not know how this came to be since I think to remember that all tests worked. Anyway release 0.05 have just been uploaded to CPAN correcting this specific issue.




July 3rd, 2013 at 05:11

Yet another follow-up. I have just released Workflow 1.37 containing some patches, which were released for evaluation as 1.35_1 developer release. This patch was however surpassed by release 1.36, but was uploaded to CPAN today as 1.37.

The RT queue is down to 3 issues, where one is a candidate for a bug fix release. I will evaluate this as the next issue, unless something critical pops up.



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