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25 Jul 2013

I fell over this blog post “Make me do some work, via Questhub!” by Neil Bowers via Twitter on some quests he had undertaken using Questhub.

The idea of Questhub is quite fun and summertime projects are always fun (see my previous post), IMHO the Summer of Code concept existed long before Google branded it.

Neil Bowers have set up a quest to get 1% of CPAN distributions to conform with a certain layout for Changes files, described as the CPAN::Changes::Spec and Brian Cassidy has implemented a service which check changes files named CPAN::Changes Kwalitee service.

Anyway I poked around the service and found out that my CPAN distributions apparently do not do quite well. Out of 31 distributions I have 2 passes and 29 fails (overall 6% success). Gamification is always good and sense of accomplishment is always very fulfilling, so I decided to play.

The 29 failing distributions are:

  • Bundle-JONASBN 0.05
  • Business-DK-CPR 0.08
  • Business-DK-CVR 0.06
  • Business-DK-FI 0.04
  • Business-DK-PO 0.05
  • Business-DK-Phonenumber 0.05
  • Business-DK-Postalcode 0.05
  • Business-OnlinePayment-CashCow 0.09
  • Date-Holidays 0.15
  • Date-Holidays-Abstract 0.05
  • Date-Holidays-Super 0.03
  • Date-Pregnancy 0.03
  • Games-Bingo 0.15
  • Games-Bingo-Bot 0.01
  • Games-Bingo-Print 0.04
  • Module-Build-Bundle 0.11
  • Module-Info-File 0.11
  • Perl-Critic-Policy-logicLAB-ProhibitShellDispatch 0.01
  • Perl-Critic-Policy-logicLAB-ProhibitUseLib 0.01
  • Perl-Critic-Policy-logicLAB-RequireSheBang 0.03
  • Perl-Critic-Policy-logicLAB-RequireVersionFormat 0.03
  • Perl-Critic-logicLAB 0.05
  • Task-BeLike-JONASBN 1.04
  • Task-Jenkins 0.01
  • Test-Timer 0.05
  • WWW-DanDomain 0.05
  • WWW-Nike-NikePlus-Public 0.01
  • Workflow 1.38
  • XML-Conf 0.04

Of all of these distributions the most should be fixable quite easily, the others are part of another summer project of migration version control system, before I can move on with these. These are the ones, which I will have to ignore for now.

  • Date-Holidays 0.15
  • Date-Holidays-Abstract 0.05
  • Date-Holidays-Super 0.03
  • Date-Pregnancy 0.03
  • Games-Bingo 0.15
  • Games-Bingo-Bot 0.01
  • Games-Bingo-Print 0.04
  • Module-Info-File 0.11
  • XML-Conf 0.04

So out of 29 fails I can address 20 imminently.

The two passes are modules I currently do not pay much attention to, but I will have a look at their Changes files just for understanding why they pass.

  • Module-Template-Setup 0.03
  • Tie-Tools 1.06

I have created an account with Questhub and I am setting up a quest to get my 6% to as close to 100% as I possibly can by addressing issues with 20 of the 29 distributions.

Have fun,


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July 25th, 2013 at 07:23

I love games and gamification, but I suck at it, if I had started my quest via a stencil I would have earned 3 points instead of just one :-/

Might take some time before I master this Questhub


Worksheets and Accomplishment -

July 26th, 2013 at 12:35

[...] I mentioned in my previous blog post: “Questhub, quests and CPAN”, sense of accomplishment is a very fulfilling feeling. Gamification is a technique, which can be [...]

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