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26 Nov 2013

Inspired by my fellow hackers attending the Nordic Perl Workshop, I took the time to sit down (I was actually attending the Internetdagarna conference in Stockholm) and wrote up a first working version, so for now I consider this policy suggestion highly experimental.

The policy evaluates Perl subroutines for the presence of use of Params::Validate. It currently only evaluates public facing APIs, meaning subroutines prefixed with ‘_’ (private by convention) are ignored. This will be made configurable later.

I have run some basic tests and found one funny thing – the implementation itself does not comply with what the policy enforces and encourages.

The motivation is to use the policy as a part of a coding standard for a larger project on which I am embarking soon, but I would like too use it on my own code base to begin with.

I will pack it up and push it to CPAN within a few days, but you are welcome to check it out on Github.

jonasbn, logicLAB

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