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Last day of YAPC::Europe 2010. Went to see Tomas Doran’s talk on Large Platform Architecture interesting talk. Tomas mentioned quite a few tech I am already familiar with, which would mean that my large scale experiences are thoughts are not totally in the woods. He did however mention ESI, which I have never hears of [...]

Started the day doing my presentation on Workflow – a CPAN module I currently maintain. I felt the presentation went okay. It was a 20-minute presentation aiming at outlining the general aspects of Workflow (presentation available on Slideshare). This was the first time I brought my laptop to the actual conference. All of the first [...]

I got up at 4 am. to catch a direct flight from Copenhagen to Pisa. I got there safely and was instantly enchanted by again attending a YAPC and coming back to Italy. I did not find the schedule for the first day so interesting. So I attended a few talks and in between, I [...]

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